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Who are we?

The company was established in 2003 by Mr Amir Amrami and has since become a reliable factor for business between Germany and other European countries, the Middle East, Asia and the US.

The company opens doors and provides access to local markets by offering a large portfolio of services, from market analyses and legal consultancy right through to enterprise establishment and contacts with prospective customers. We have a skilled team of experts at our disposal.

Cross-border business often faces language or cultural barriers that prevent the optimum use of business opportunities. This is where our company with its wealth of experience can be helpful, offering solutions and full-scale support for your business project.

In the past, Mr Amir Amrami acquired comprehensive experience in the field of logistics and international business before he worked at the representation of the Ministry of Defence of the State of Israel ("Sibat") at the Israeli embassy in Germany (1998 to 2003) where he was in charge of issues related to the sourcing of technologies and industrial cooperation between Germany and Israel.

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