Africa Interventions 

Mr Amir Amrami, Mr Michael Jenrich and Mr Robert Schüchen (personal profiles below) initiated and are cooperating with a large number of enterprises in Africa. All have been working there directly (based there) or indirectly with projects and companies in Africa, which resulted in deep knowledge on business opportunities and challenges, business partners and the specific focus on this continent.

Those experiences in Africa and the enormous potential here, particularly in farming/agriculture, has led to an emphasis on development support and enterprise development of interventions in this sector and the region.  

As partners we have set up a network of partners and associates from private and public sector in a number of countries and developed input and support and support models and enterprises for a number of countries and organisations and specific contexts.  

Our collaboration on training/extension and logistics and marketing (like growing medium HiProAqua, Cocoa and other crops) with our partners in the region has initiated a network of contacts, on many countries in Africa, which has proven useful for further expansion of combined input output and training activities, which are seen as crucial for agricultural development.

The strength of the partners lies in their diverse skills, experiences and backgrounds enabling us to cover a varied array of actions and ensure competent implementation and supervision of a wide range of engagements with a large number of highly qualified and on the ground partners.

We will be able to set up structures swiftly and coordinate implementation of actions, building on our networks and apply diverse skills of all partners. We also can support setting up of new enterprises that itself do not have a long track record, but add skills. We are also able to bring new partner on board, where and when required.

Investments opportunities in South Africa

Mr Amir Amrami, Mr Michael Jenrich and Mr Robert Schüchen, have been working with the Ministry different levels and department of the Ministry of Agriculture in South Africa (Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, DAFF). For DAFF we designed the 1 million hectare investment plan, to get 1 million ha of currently low and unproductive land back into production. Also we planned and laid out a national practical training and extension training program. We are still in negotiation on implementation and funding.

If you envisage too invest in Africa, we will be able to find appropriate projects and interventions and are able to arrange the needed arrangements and contacts and partners. Through our networks and expertise we can assess requirements and arrange implementation, as we;

  1. working with as number of German and international companies, which are active in agriculture Africa and are present on the ground (triple AAA) and cover all aspects of farming, production, infrastructure and marketing,

  2. have close and ongoing contacts with governments and agriculture in a number of countries creating the needed structures,.

  3. have access or can commission approved surveys on ongoing crop production, farming activities and respective potential.

  4. can specifically respond, once the investment condition and requirements are known.


Other countries of work expertise and projects include

Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Botswana



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