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Healthcare ri-Lanka / Germany

We are a professional agency for recruiting young people from abroad who wish to complete a vocational training in Germany.

Through our expertise and experience in educational counselling, attested by certification, we offer young applicants appropriate courses on career orientation and subsequent career choice.

For applicants:

Are you looking for an attractive apprenticeship in Germany? Top training - good pay - secure future. We would be glad to help you find an apprenticeship in Germany. With our service, we support you in your search. Together with us you will advance your career and achieve your goals. Allow us to refer you to a new, reputable employer in Germany!

General information about your application:
Your application will reach the German training companies at exactly the right moment. Often even before the job offer has been published. Your application therefore reached the German companies, mostly without competition, even before a job offer is published. All you have to do is leave your application efforts to us. 

Please contact us for more details

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