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Outsourcing to the Philippines

Customer Support, Technical Support, BackOffice Support

Outsourcing to the Philippines could be one of your company’s smartest decisions. The Philippines currently dominates the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry’s voice sector, and is second to India in knowledge process outsourcing (KPO).


Benefits to outsourcing in the Philippines include low operating costs, a large highly-skilled English-speaking talent pool, global cultural affinity, a robust national economy and a government that provides incentives to fuel the industry’s growth.


Take advantage of our Call Center in the Philippines, CallMax Solutions.



About CallMax


CallMax is a thriving, service-oriented entity that offers you and your clientele the business know-how and outstanding customer service expected from a premiere external support provider. Our team offers the patience, kindness and exclusive services that will exceed every expectation from you and your clients. Out team is hand selected and trained at the highest level to suit your specific needs and renowned as the best outsourcing solution in the industry.


Where We Are Located


Initially launched in 2010, our New York offices quickly spread overseas to our current Call Center location in the Philippines. With our Administrative team available to meet with you – in person- from our founding location, our international Call Centers are ready to support your every need in native English and Spanish, ‘round the clock. Other languages are also an option, but will require special recruitment.





Our Services


Customer Support


CallMax provides all of your Customer Support needs, working with your clientele, 24 hours a day. We provide a dedicated support team, handpicked and trained to your exact specifications. Our Customer Support services include Phone Support, Email Support and Chat Support.


We are able to provide your company with our existing systems or train your team with systems of your choice. Whether you prefer full system integration or clear separation of services is entirely up to you.


Your handpicked CallMax Team will be trained by our exemplary staff (or yours, at your preference) with full knowledge of your product – in order to provide top support to your clientele, day or night.


Technical Support


Technical Support is essential to your clients’ needs. With a handpicked technical team, we will provide full training on your product, with your ability to be as hands-on or hands-off as you prefer. We provide a team that is exclusively on-call to provide technical solutions to your clients’ every need.


At CallMax, we realize that Technical Support is a fundamental stepping stone to the success of your clientele. Customer Service is a key element in all of our offerings but the technical savvy of our staff is unmatched.

Our Technical Support services include professional Tech-support Agents with technical background and experience. Sample services include  

·        Troubleshooting calls and Computer hardware problems.

·        Software and Internet service Problem-solving.

·        Warranty or post-warranty support

And much more. We can train any sort of Tech Support that is required by our clients.


BackOffice Support


Your clientele need not only a front end support team for a full user experience, they also need a strong Back Office team to continually manage your systems – a team that, if functioning properly, they don’t even know exists. Our Back Office Support team is the “man behind the curtain.” With regular quality assurance, system maintenance and updates, your CallMax Back Office Support team will provide ease-of use for your on-site staff and your at-home clientele.


Our CallMax BackOffice Support team offers the following services:

  • Auto-cad operators

  • Bookkeeping

  • All Ordering

  • Full Processing

  • Online Research

  • Data input & analytics, Content production, Product descriptions, etc.

  • Office chores and management (Appointment making, etc.)



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